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Popular Theorists: Slavoj Zizek’s toilet bowl

The hipster film theorist of choice, Slavoj Zizek, is as painful as he is superficial.
Beware of students who quote Zizek in your classes, as they will be taken aback if you suggest there might be a lack of substance in controversial remarks for the sake of controversy.
Zizek is a forerunner in an ultra-conservative, insidious Lacanian revivalist movement, so don’t be fooled by his apparent irony. He married a model and moved to Brazil. He produces reams of work each year, and many people seem to think that the sheer volume of writing he produces must mean that he’s important, a misnomer easily disproved by the career of David Bordwell.

His work can also be found quoted in the essays of angry-young-men and serious-young-men undergraduate students.